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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
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Our services

A multidisciplinary team focused on reaching your communication goals
Marketing and advertising consultancy

A whole team of specialists in different marketing disciplines will help you find the best options to achieve your communication goals.

PPC & Display campaigns

Grow your site´s traffic fast and improve your brand image online. Google AdWords and much more!

Web analytics & tracking

By identifying the correct key performance indicators, we´ll be able to tell in real time how a campaign is performing and take advantage of optimization opportunities. In Publicus, we support our campaigns and projects with transparent data. We like to keep track before, during and after each campaign. It´s the only way to know if we are achieving our goals or if we have to change something in order to do so.

Strategic planning

Giving you advise about the strategy and the tactical specifics that will help you stand out and make your company the best available option for the user.

Web & ecommerce development

Your website is the first window display for the public. It has to be designed so that your audience actually want to take their time and discover your products or services.

Video marketing

An image is worth a thousand words... And if it moves it´s even better! Video is the most accepted and used format by your audience. We can produce and promote your videos in YouTube, the leading platform for this format.

Creativity & Graphic design

Graphics, digital, TV, Radio... We use creativity along the workflow and apply it to all our services. Innovative communication ideas and the power of helping to stand out from the competitors, make this tool one of the most efficient to achieve results.

Social media marketing & marketing de contenidos

Realizamos labores de consultoría, estrategia y gestión en Social Media, ofreciendo a cada cliente una solución enfocada a sus necesidades.

Email marketing

Establish a direct contact with your potential clients and get recurrent sales. A well defined email marketing strategy could be the baseline to grow the sales of your business, as well as a tool to work on customer loyalty.

Some of the brands that we´ve had the pleasure of working with