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Mario Party 9

The briefing

What did the client need?

With the launching of Mario Party 9, one of the most popular videogame sagas continues in another platform: the Wii game console. We had to come up with an idea that captivated the main target of this game: youngsters and teenagers.

A direct referral campaign

Focusing the strategy

We decided to split the campaign in two different phases. The first phase was focused on creating expectation for the new game before the launching and, during the second one, we would show popular celebrities for our target playing the game as they would normally do with their friends.

Pre-launching in Social Media

Generating Expectation

We chose several well known celebrities, who are actually friends in real life, and we shot some teasers of them playing the game and having fun. The intention was to show as if they had recorded them themselves, before sharing them through their social profiles.  This way, when the campaign reaches TV, the video game has already impacted thousands of youngsters.


Using well known celebrities to reach a larger audience

These five celebrities showed how a typical evening with your friends playing the game would be like. We thought that the best value of this game was the fun and its social approach (the more friends, the funner it gets), so we aimed this spots for regular people (not the typical gamer), so that they would recognize themselves in those situations.